Helping you to document smarter

The objective is simple … to remove the most common formatting frustrations to allow you to focus on document content instead of formatting.

assigna4mat provides you with easy access to predefined numbered or unnumbered formatting options (styles), ready for you to apply to your text and to match up with an Index when necessary.

assigna4mat manages this by providing a unique visual approach to document formatting, making it easier for you to relate to how each formatting option impacts your document content, putting the fun back into formatting!

No matter what your drafting assignment may be, with assigna4mat it will be easy to assigna4mat to your content.

Frequently asked questions

1What do we mean with formatting and styles?
In Word, formatting relates to all the steps you have to complete to change the layout and appearance of your text to conform to your needs for a specific look and feel. A style is the collection of these steps. Copying, pasting and the typing of text, combined with the intricacies of setting up automatic numbering that allows for a sequential flow of paragraphs and annexures, linked to a table of contents, can be daunting and very time consuming. Just imagine a world where your system automatically applies a series of formatting steps to your text, transforming it in an instant!
2Already have your own styles?
We can assist with health checks on existing styles to assess opportunity to update your styles to optimize efficiency, alternatively, we can help you plan your journey to on-Board assigna4mat, aligned to your preferred layout and appearance or house style.
3Are you a startup, or need guidance on house style?
House Style is a term used to describe your preferred “way of working”, your own preference to numbering styles, line spacing and indentation. If you are not yet set up with an approved or formal house style, or if you simply need a change, we can guide you through the journey of assessing different options to establish and document your house style.

With your house style in place, we can help you plan your journey to on-Board assigna4mat, aligned to your preferred layout and appearance, your house style.
4What about templates?
To get you started, add our Stationery Pack to your toolkit and we’ll embed your styles into a few basic templates. Generally, these basic templates will be your letterhead and memorandum, but may include a few teamspecific documents. For example, for law firms, this may include an agreement and an opinion template. We can extend the Stationery Pack to include simple fillable fields to prompt your users with a short questionnaire. The Stationery Pack is a solid foundation to your automation journey and with this in place, you’ll be ready to take on more extensive automation projects, paving the way to efficiency optimization!
5Are you a Student?
Do you need to comply with school or tertiary education guidelines on assignment layout and related formatting rules. Use assigna4mat to achieve faculty specific compliance, consistency and efficiency, hassle free.
6How do I get started with assigna4mat?


Creating Quality Blueprints

The Compass Tool forms part of the Compass Service Category and aims to streamline the administration planning and maintenance in relation to an organization’s Business Management System or equivalent.

Compass is a dynamic list representing all the relevant processes that form part of your organization’s landscape, with the appropriate level of information against each process to assist with assessing priority and capacity planning. Your Compass is more than just a list, it’s a tool that directs your efficiency roadmap.

The dynamic list allows you to track the status of policies and procedures/processes in your organization and to manage continuous review and opportunities for optimization.

Compass is a solid foundation for quality management.


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