Service Categories

To get things started, we design your efficiency roadmap, or, if you already have an established plan, you can brief us and we will align it to our design.

We produce your Compass, a dynamic list representing of all the relevant processes that form part of your organization’s landscape, with the appropriate level of information against each process to assist with assessing priority and capacity planning.

Your Compass is more than just a list, it’s a tool that directs your efficiency roadmap.

When you’re ready to start optimizing processes, we use your Compass as a guide to start unpacking prioritized processes, one Story at a time.

Each project will involve us guiding you through an in-depth assessment of the processes, the mapping of tasks in the process, and the designing of an optimized user journey, considering the context of the organization, and the context of the user.

We use Stories and Design Thinking to help you understand, refine and design the user journey.

Any organization has branding and formatting requirements.

Formatting Projects may be standalone projects where the organization’s stylistic requirements are assessed and a suitable styles tool implemented where needed.

When you’re ready to start automation projects, we use your Compass and Story Pack to plan and complete the related Automation Project, which may include advising on and facilitating implementation of a suitable automation platform.

Automation Projects may include document automation, formatting, process automation and data integration components since these components are all integrated into the same process.

We work closely with knowledge experts to brief them on marking up documents for automation readiness, guiding them through the process of mapping questions to document impacts, streamlining the instruction process between the knowledge expert and the template developer.

MatterCues teams up with Karmic Business Solutions for ISO and Management Systems Projects.

We help you drive quality through knowledge management principles, and help create mindful processes that provide for input, editing, formatting and output, with a focus on an extended scope to Business Management Systems.

ISO standards include Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Information Security Management and Knowledge Management Systems.

For organizations who do not have an in-house trainer, you may wish to make use of our services for ad hoc, onboarding or systems training initiatives.

We assess your systems training needs, prepare related training material and facilitate tailored training sessions.

“For me context is the key from that comes the understanding of everything”

~ Kenneth Noland ~